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Monday… nope, Tuesday Mind Dump

Wow… where has the time gone?  Well…. I am about to tell you what I have been up to this past week that would cause me to write my Monday Blog late:

  • This past week we had the staff outing which was a blast (see blog entry below)
  • Friday we had dinner with Karol and Jim Kruse in Breezy Point and went to see their cabin they just invested in.
  • Saturday we went to an employees wedding party at his home and celebrated with him and his new bride.
  • Sunday we had church and then Al’s 40th birthday party at Choppers.  I had prepped this party for weeks in advance and it had a wonderful turn out!  Yay!
  • Since Sunday I have been feeling a bit blah with the weather changes and now have a sinus infection which has pretty much knocked the energy out of me and I am probably a bit crabby too.
  • I have since been working on Mission Banquet invites and moving ahead as that is coming up on October 10th already!  Wow!!!
  • I am planning a Boot Camp Idea going into October but more on that later….

The truth is I have been playing a game on line that I love after all I have been such a past fan of Final Fantasy and Zelda…. of course this new found challenge would sweep me right up…. KNIGHTHOOD on Facebook.  Oh yeah, I am that big of a geek.  I love the attacks, the building, the competition.  I am totally in to this and that is the main reason my mind dump is late this week.    True story.

Seriously… you have to try this if you like strategy games.


September 16, 2008 - Posted by | Just me

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