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Monday Mind Dump

  • We had a great weekend last weekend and coming back into town on Monday made the week go by all the faster!
  • Tuesday kick ball was fun – we actually scored a few points – ha ha! 
  • Thursday had dinner with Sandi, Key, and Julie at Grizzley’s.  As always – great food and conversation and lots and lots fo laughs!  Welcome back Sandi!!!
  • Friday, Al and I went to a movie that was so incredibly bad, I am embarassed to admit I went to it!  I thought it would be funny – but for the most part, it was just dumb.
  • Saturday I delivered chairs to Mike Knott for his church in Bemidji.  We met in Walker for the trade ff so “Road Trip!”
  • Saturday evening Al and I went for a motorcycle ride with Dan. Key, Greg, Bernie, Bob, Sandy, Mark, Corrina, John, Tris, Jim, and Sally.  We went to the Casino for dinenr and then rode back.  This was Al’s first ride in the dark but he did great!
  • Sundays tailgate party was a lot of fun!  See the blog post and pictures below.

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