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About Me Questionnaire

Have you ever received these in your email?  The questionnaires that you fill out and then email to your friends to answer the questions too and email you back so you can learn something about them?  I LOVE THEM!  I don’t know why, but I can’t resist filling out all the questions and sending it on to see what comes back. 

So, I just received one this week but every time I tried to fill out the qeustiones I would get a computer error and my computer would shut down.  Seriously!  So… I thought I would put one on my blog.  : )

1.  What is your middle name?          Ann

2.  Any Nicknames?          “Squeek” (high school nick name) and “Sam” (my initials before I was married)

3.  Parents names?          Gary and Elaine McKinney

4.  Any Tattoos?          Not as of this date…. but not ruled out either.  Perhaps soon….

5.  What is your favorite passtime?          Reading!  Sometimes biking, sometimes rollerblading, going to movies, sometimes nothing at all.

6.  What is your favorite food?          I love Chinese, Indian, and Seafood

7.  Favorite Restaurant?          I love Red Lobster and hardly ever get to go….  also Mongo’s Grill and Granite City have great food!  Outback has the best salmon!

8.  Favorite tv shows?          24, LOST, and Survivor, Friends (they were my friends too)

9.  Where was I born?          Right here in Brainerd, Minnesota

10.  Places you have traveled?          Alaska, California, Florida, Haitti,  Costa Rica, Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Texas(pit stop), Honduras, Colorado, Wisconsin

11. Favorite Quote?          I’m picking up what you are putting down.

12. Favorite Movie(s)?          Titanic, Harry Potter (don’t laugh!), Knights Tale, Great Outdoors, Shawshank Redemption

13. Where do I see myself in 10 years?          Wow… hopefully settled somewhere warm where I dont have to deal with winter.  Maybe even Honduras every December 1 – March 20th.

14. Last person I received an email from?        Karen Lively, Book Keeper and funny friend!  (We laugh and laugh…)

15. Living quarters?          In the home I spent my youth in.  I am very happy with this.

16. Favorite drink?          I love cold cold cold ice water and Fresca (but not together)

17. Favorite smell?          Lilacs, vanilla, cinnamon, and Spring!  (Also not together)

18. What’s on my mousepad?          A coffee ring – ha ha, just kidding, actually it is plain blue and says DELL

19. What books are you reading now?          I am starting tonight on the Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis, and also reading Nights of Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks for my book club meeting next week.

20. Favorite sounds?          Oddly, I really like silence.  Also, Enya.

21. Favorite toy growing up?          I had a bear I named Jenga while I was in a coma (seriously).  I also liked Mrs. Beasley which is odd, since dolls creep me out.

22. First car?          1979 Pontiac Firebird.  Black.  Oh yeah…

23. Person you miss the most from High School?          Traci

24. If you could meet any one person in the world dead or alive?          Jesus would be pretty awesome.  Since I am planning to meet him someday anyway, my runner up would be Abraham Lincoln.

25. What’s under your bed?          Dust?  More than likely a wayward book that I have searched the house relentlessly for….  ha ha

26. If you could have any job you wanted what would it be?          I would love to run a bed and breakfast and have a book store or library in it.  Also, I’d like to be Laura Croft.

27. What makes me happy?          Hanging with my kids and knowing they are in a good place, spending quality time with Al, being with girlfriends and laughing until you cry, being there for someone in need, and just quiet time alone.

28. Favorite season?          SUMMER!!! (also salt)

29. Favorite treat?          Pretty much anything chocolately…. Dove Chocolate, M & M’s, Ghiardelli, chocolate ice cream…  it is my cryptonite and I do accept bribes.

30. Favorite Video Game?          Zelda! And I’m good at it too!  : )  Bomberman on Wii is a blast too, and I’m not very good at that one.

31. Dream Vacation?          I would love to see Hawaii, but at the same time I would love to go hang out on a secluded beach and relax and read for about a week with no phone, no computer, no commitments.


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