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Monday Mind Dump

  • I’ve been trying to do my Group Power Class twice a week now (the trick is to just fit it in around everything else!)
  • Tuesday I started kick ball (WHAT WAS I THINKING?) actually, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be… brought back a bit of grade school memories.
  • Thursday caught up with the Wal-Mart Girls and had dinner together and planned out the rest of our get togethers for the year. That was fun!
  • My biking this month has much to be desired. Going today, but doesn’t look likely I will come near goal.
  • On Saturday we helped Justin move home, then Justin and I tok Chance to the Go Cart track where we blew off some steam for the afternoon (see pics below).
  • Saturday evening Al had a chance to practice a bit on the motorcycle for our ride planned for Sunday.
  • Sunday was just about as perfect a day I have had in a long time! After church we met up with 8 friends who motorcycled with us the afternoon until 4:30 pm. Then we hopped over to Baxter to set up our Fantasy Football Team (which was new and exciting), hung out there with some newer friends and then home by 9:00 pm!
  • Tonight I stay with Kate at First Presbyterian for IHN.
  • Justin started College today!
  • Lunch date with Brad on Wednesday!!
  • I completed the 5th book of the Narnia Series, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader – see review here

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