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Monday Mind Dump

  • Last Sunday we drove to Zimmerman Minnesota and bought a bike.  Er… a mortorcycle. 
  • On Thursday I stayed overnight with my friend Amy Price at Bethlehem Lutheran Church for her churches turn on the IHN Week.  It was fun to hang out with her and do that.
  • The weekend however – I remember clearly because it was a GREAT weekend!  Friday Al practiced riding the mortorcycle which was exciting and entertaining (sorry honey, but it was!)  We went out to dinner afterwards and had great conversation about our upcoming plans over the next few months. 
  • On Saturday (since we were due to be out of town and didn’t make it) it was kind of a bonus day with no plans.  I hit a few garage sales in the morning, cleaned house and had Key, Greg and Bernie over for dinner.  Al made some great steaks on the grill and it was a BEAUTIFUL night to just hang out.
  • On Sunday after a great service I got back into my book, “Safely Home’ which is tearing me up!  I have so many notes and thoughts on this book I think it could put me through a years worth of deep Blogging…  (review on this book coming soon to my book blog)
  • Went to lunch with Brad at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Great to hang out with him and catch up on everything going on in his life. 
  • Late on Sunday we had “visitors” of many motorcycles stop by the house and hang out for awhile.  It was awesome! 

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