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Biking again….

So finally I go out and bike this afternoon.  My goal was 10 miles.  Yet when I reached the 5 mile marker, I felt good so kept on going.  Then I passed the 6, the 7, and then reached the 8.  Feeling pretty proud of myself for finally getting out and doing this I turned my bike around to do the 8 miles back.

… And at that moment I got a stitch in my side.  I am sorry, but a stitch sounds like something that happens to someone when they are older and in my head, I’m still in my mid 20’s. 

The stitch started just below my rib cage on my right side and went all the way to my neck.  Almost like a pinched nerve.  So I’m  biking and trying to twist and perhaps release the pressure. 

The funny thing about going 8 miles out on the bike trail is, you have to go 8 miles back.  So moving what I would consider slower now with my IPOD rocking in my ears ( a little 80’s mix I put together… ) I am making my way back to the car.

Obviously, I made it.  And no matter if it wasn’t the most pleasant ride of my life – I still get credit for the miles.  Woo Hoo!!!    


August 13, 2008 - Posted by | Insane Moments

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