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With two boys growing up over the past 5 years, the Mom Card became a way to communicate with them as they got older without the “eye roll” of having heard that 10,000 times before.

As they got to the age of driving – then dating and curfews, the “where will you be and with who… you get the drift. I had started by tossing it into the conversations like, “So, you are going to a movie tonight with _______, that’s great. I have to play the Mom card and remind you to drive safely. This usually worked with little fuss.

In my mind, I picture the Mom Card about the size of your drivers license… laminated of course, probably has your picture on it and on the back a list of the privileges that come with being a card carrier.

It’s funny because now that both boys are out on their own – I still use it, tired looking and frayed around the edges as I would guess it would look by now. (Maybe sometimes giving off a little smoke because I pull it out so fast…) I put it into text messages when they tell me they are going swimming with friends in the evening and my fingers can’t help but type out the words “be careful” when I text back, and then I lighten the command by adding the words “playing the mom card”.

They know I use it because I love them – and worry about them – and always want the best for them. I don’t think the card will ever be retired.


August 11, 2008 - Posted by | Insane Moments

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  1. My “mom card” is the phrase: I’m just being the Mom… Greg & his friends laughed at me when I would say it, but it also worked at sending the message of “I love you” and I’m obligated to say the warnings and concerns.

    Comment by Joelle | August 13, 2008

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