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Monday Mind Dump

  • My biking/walking has a bit to be desired.  Really put the work outs on the back burner last week and now here we are and I have 7 miles in for the month.  (Sheesh!)
  • Mission Tickets for the Banquet are done and in hand!  Yay!  And we have Jorge and Marta coming from Honduras for the banquet so this is so exciting – and we need to sell, sell, sell!
  • Evenings I have been hanging out a lot with Al which is new because he usually isn’t home but with the new forman he has been getting home earlier (YAY!)
  • The opportunity in this is that I like to do my group power classes in the evenings Monday and Wednesday and I feel guilty taking off when he is home so I have been skipping class…
  • On Thursday I got together with Julie, Key, and Sandi for a “catch up” dinner at Grizzley’s.  We met at 5:30… we left at 9 p.m.   (A LOT to catch up on!)
  • On Friday Al and I went out to dinner and on Saturday we were able to hang out with good friends in the evening by the lake.
  • Saturday afternoon, Chance and I went to the new Mummy Movie… review here
  • Sunday was the picnic baptism which is always great and then Al and I went to look at a motorcycle in Zimmerman, MN.  (Life is odd when the kids are gone…)

August 11, 2008 - Posted by | Just me

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