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Living Stones (Part 2 of For Such a Time as This)

Last week I wrote about my need to DO. My need to be on the move. To GO GO GO. A restlessness I wrote about in For Such a Time as This.

That particular blog had been in my head for awhile and I had wrote it days before I had made it public on my Straight on Through Blog. In between the time that I had wrote the blog and published it, I had watched a video on Living Stones and it gave me a bit of a different insight to my thoughts on this subject. I posted For Such a Time as This with a promise of a follow up blog…. and here it is.

As I was writing about doing and being with others and trying new things – I found that this video I had seen gave me a fresh outlook. As Peter said,

And you are living stones that God is building into his spiritual temple. What’s more, you are his holy priests.

I love thinking of myself and others as living stones. Alone we are but a rock, but together… we build great things. Together we build the temple. You can be a foundation stone that holds it all together or you can be a cornerstone that keeps the others in line. You can be part of the beauty of the building by being the stone that is out in the open for all to see… one stone may be not much to look at, but together… there is a grander design.

As I think of all this, I see my “doing” in a different way. I put myself into different paths with many different people and groups. I am involved in outreach, and family, volunteer positions, and traveling, biking events, camping, womens events and programs, and much more. I guess that makes me a rolling stone….

Yes – but also a LIVING stone. While I am rolling towards the next task, I am reminded that I do carry God’s temple with me. By being with others – I am doing my part in building that temple. Maybe, I am helping someone shape their living stone to a closer relationship with God. I pray (again) that I do touch people while I roll this way and that. Maybe the groove my stone leaves in the dirt makes it easier for others to follow.

May God’s spirit live in your world because it is in you.


August 4, 2008 - Posted by | Devotion in motion

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  1. You do touch people, Sheila. You’ve touched me & been there for me & others when we don’t even ask. Keep rolling, girl!

    Comment by Karen L | August 5, 2008

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