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Monday Morning Mind Dump

  • Last week was SO BUSY! Every day Monday thru Thursday I had interviews to do for our business as well as my commitments to both offices and the “Side dish extras” I tend to fill my plate with…. The whole week was so much… but looking back over it now – I really did have a good time.

  • On Tuesday my book club had it’s annual picnic at Kiwanis Park, Book Sale and our second annual Queen Nomination which I just love! It is so fun to see my friends dress up and give speeches all for the chance to be Queen for a year…. see the blog and pictures here
  • On Wednesday I went over to Kate Richmonds for a “girls movie night” which was a perfectly relaxing evening! I loved just hanging out with he girls and I was so tired but it was so much fun! We watched the movie 13 Going on 30 and even though I had seen it several times before – this was the best… yup – blog post on the movie and the night here
  • Thursday was my only day to prep for the bike tour on Sunday so after my church office time I ran around trying to find the things I needed for the ride and catch up on things we needed for our house, etc…. I ran around a lot
  • Friday Karol Kruse and I ran back and forth from my home taking stuff to the church for the garage sale. We worked on the set up from 9:30 am – 8:00 pm when exhausted we sent everyone home…
  • Saturday I was at the garage sale by 5:00 am labeling. Julie Eiesland joined me at 5:30 and we worked right up to opening time pricing items… and then the flood doors opened and everyone flew in – full speed ahead!!!

At 3:00 p.m. we shut the sale down and I hurried home to get ready for my cousin Jarrod and his wife Farrah to meet me at my house at 5:00 p.m. so we could head to St Joseph Minnesota where we would stay overnight and bike the 50 mile bike tour on Sunday. I was sooooo tired – but sooooo excited to do this. (see the blog on this event here)

  • Sunday after the bike ride I came home so extremely tired. I rested a bit, watched some TV with Al, and read a while.
  • Today I am taking Chance to the movie, Meet Dave. Watch for a review here in the next couple of days.

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Bookies Event – Queen Nominations…

Tuesday evening we had our Annual Potluck Picnic/Book Sale/and Queen Nomination for our book club at Kiwanis park. It was a blast! See the whole story here on my Book Blog…

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Monday Mind Dump

  • I completed my 50 miles for June!!!

  • Last week was tough with Justin moving out… set me back a bit ( See post here)

  • On Thursday I received great news – my cousin and his wife are joining me for the bike tour in St Joseph Minnesota this coming Sunday (50 miles – check it out here) I am so pumped!

  • Friday, Al and I left for our cabin up North and had a great weekend relaxing and biking on the North Shore. We watched the fireworks in Silver Bay.

  • On Saturday we went up the Gunflint trail and had dinner with Bob and Sandi Colbenson, and Al and Julie Steiff for Bob’s birthday. This was really fun and the food and atmosphere was right on!

  • I discovered that the state trail right by Beaver Bay is the best bike trail I have ever been on! I loved the flowers and the hilly path and what a view! I biked 10 miles on Saturday.

  • On Sunday I spent the afternoon with Karol Kruse in Nisswa walking the shops

  • This coming Tuesday is my annual Potluck Month for our book club. This is the one that we dress up for and choose a new queen… (I am still looking for my dress) Here are the pics from last years event

  • We have the TJN garage sale on Saturday and I am hopeful that we will have a lot of great ites to have another successful sale. **Bring it on in if you haven’t yet! : )

  • Sunday is the bike tour – I am praying for beautiful weather!

  • I started a third Blog (I know… I know… ) on Movie reviews – see it here

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The last entry in the Read Me Book…

I mentioned the read me book some time ago (see it here) in a blog entry. This book was used through the years to communicate with the kids and we would hide it throughout the house and if you found it – you had to write in it.

Here is the first entry from Justin in the read me book:


This is crazy! Brad finally found the book and then left it on the toilet and I found it. I am really happy I got *KOVU today!  I showed him off everywhere today and he has a new pal PLUTO!  My program is coming up at school and it will be cool.  It is on Brad’s birthday.  My favorite song is Sleigh Ride.  I am suppose to be in bed and mom is probably going to yell at me for talking to Brad but now have to hide this where my brother will find it and have to write in it. Maybe the dryer or under his pillow. I have to go. Justin

(* Kovu is a Lion King Character – actually also known as Scar.  I had to look it up because I couldn’t remember what Kovu was either…)

In the very early hours of Tuesday morning as I grabbed laundry out of the laundry room to take upstairs I found it among the clothes Justin had folded Monday night. He must have come across the book while he was packing up his room to move out.

With tears already forming in my eyes I knew he must have written his final entry within the pages of the book. I climbed back into bed holding the book. I opened the book to the front page seeing my boys writing from the late 90’s in big uneven letters… and then I turned to the final entry:

July 1, 2008


I am all moved out. I love you and I will miss you. Instead of crying that you miss me, rejoice and celebrate for who I am. I have so much ahead of me, college, bills, and life. I am ready to take on the world.

Thank you for helping me to be who I am today. Don’t hesitate to call because you know I can’t put my phone down. I am just a few miles away. I love you,


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