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The life of a car…

My friends with teenagers should get a kick out of this and for my friends with pre teens – this is a scene you will want to remember.

When Brad turned 16 we wanted to purchase his first car for him as a birthday present. We surprised him with this as he had been saving up to get a car. We searched all over for a good starter car – from the cities to St. Cloud and then finally back in Brainerd, we find “the car”.

Brad’s car went right from the dealer we purchased it from over to Mills Motors for a once over to make sure she was road worthy for our son. After adding quite a few more dollars to the original price after Mills updated and repaired – the keys were handed to Brad.

This car has been through it all. Brad has used it for delivering pizzas from his first job at 16 to just a couple months ago. The car has went through tires, and a new gas tank, and a windshield, brakes, you name it. We have had it towed to our house twice when it broke down and then finally – our home became its final resting place.

Well… almost.

With the use of equipment that we just happen to have laying around the shop area – the car was stripped and then placed ever so lovingly into the recycle dumpster. As you can see by the pics of the car in the dumpster and then it leaving our yard in the recycle bin.

A bitter sweet moment for me because I remember Brads eyes when he first got behind the wheel of that car.

Anyone have any personal car stories or stories of their kids and cars?


July 23, 2008 - Posted by | Insane Moments, Life thoughts


  1. So was Brad there to say goodbye to his car for good?

    Comment by Karol Kruse | July 23, 2008

  2. When Al & I got married, we owned a 1978 Pontiac Sunbird. A small 2 person car with a tiny backseat. When we left the States to go to Germany, we sold the car to my brother. His first car. When he was done with it, my Step Sister, Jodi, was ready for a car… She became the proud owner of a 78 Sunbird. She drove the car thru high school, and it was the car she owned when she got married. The newlyweds drove the car until they were able to purchase their first car. The timing was perfect, because as they were moving on to their new car, my other Step Sister, Lindsay, was starting to drive and needed a car. She drove that 1978 car, which was 1 year younger then her. Sadly, the Sunbird did give up the ghost, and the last 2 kids in the family did not have the enjoyment of driving the 1978 Pontiac Sunbird. In a condition beyond repair, it was parked in the woods and left to rust. It is fun to swap stories about the Sunbird.

    Comment by Joelle | July 23, 2008

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