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Meez 3D avatar avatars gamesSo… as I left you all on Friday – Al and I had plans to go to our cabin for the weekend for our anniversary.  Well our 4:00 pm departure just kept creeping back as more work came in for our business.  As the clock turned over 6 p.m. I called Al who was stressed in the office trying to get everything done so we could go.  At this point even if we would have left right that minute we would not have been there until 9:30 pm.   We decided it wasn’t worth the stress and let the plan go.

Instead, Friday evening we went out to a wonderful dinner at Ernies where we sat on the deck overlooking the lake.  It was beautiful out.  On Saturday we left for St. Cloud for the day and putzed around in shops and ate at a favorite place of mine – Mongo’s.  On Sunday after church we went to a friends home for her 33rd birthday and enjoyed good company among friends, great food, and a little fun four wheeling on their trails. 

All in all – the weekend was better than anticipated.  Al and I had a lot of time together and a lot of fun.  (Now I need to work off all that good food!)


July 20, 2008 - Posted by | Just me

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