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Monday Morning Mind Dump

  • Last week was SO BUSY! Every day Monday thru Thursday I had interviews to do for our business as well as my commitments to both offices and the “Side dish extras” I tend to fill my plate with…. The whole week was so much… but looking back over it now – I really did have a good time.

  • On Tuesday my book club had it’s annual picnic at Kiwanis Park, Book Sale and our second annual Queen Nomination which I just love! It is so fun to see my friends dress up and give speeches all for the chance to be Queen for a year…. see the blog and pictures here
  • On Wednesday I went over to Kate Richmonds for a “girls movie night” which was a perfectly relaxing evening! I loved just hanging out with he girls and I was so tired but it was so much fun! We watched the movie 13 Going on 30 and even though I had seen it several times before – this was the best… yup – blog post on the movie and the night here
  • Thursday was my only day to prep for the bike tour on Sunday so after my church office time I ran around trying to find the things I needed for the ride and catch up on things we needed for our house, etc…. I ran around a lot
  • Friday Karol Kruse and I ran back and forth from my home taking stuff to the church for the garage sale. We worked on the set up from 9:30 am – 8:00 pm when exhausted we sent everyone home…
  • Saturday I was at the garage sale by 5:00 am labeling. Julie Eiesland joined me at 5:30 and we worked right up to opening time pricing items… and then the flood doors opened and everyone flew in – full speed ahead!!!

At 3:00 p.m. we shut the sale down and I hurried home to get ready for my cousin Jarrod and his wife Farrah to meet me at my house at 5:00 p.m. so we could head to St Joseph Minnesota where we would stay overnight and bike the 50 mile bike tour on Sunday. I was sooooo tired – but sooooo excited to do this. (see the blog on this event here)

  • Sunday after the bike ride I came home so extremely tired. I rested a bit, watched some TV with Al, and read a while.
  • Today I am taking Chance to the movie, Meet Dave. Watch for a review here in the next couple of days.

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