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Where is the Love?

I have Honduras head. I have been spending a lot of time in the yard, and on the bike trail and when I do these projects and things – my mind tends to wander… apparently to Honduras.

I think a lot about the kids – especially the ones I meet on the streets and in the dump.

When I look at where they are at – and then where I am at… I struggle. Working in my yard, when they don’t even have a yard gets to me. It’s easy to look at all that we have and all that they do not… and ask God why? Where is the love? Where is God’s Love?

Yet almost as soon as I think it, I know the answer. God’s love is right here. I – as well as many others have been given an opportunity to see first hand what is happening in this country and know that the little we do… the little bit of relationship we create – right there, Is God’s Love.

And knowing that – and knowing that there is positive God Filled people in Honduras like Pastor Jorge and Pastor Jeoney. Two people who I am so thrilled to know from my tiny little spot on the planet in Brainerd Minnesota… There is the Love.

Yes the world we live in has many opportunities. And for some – God plants this seed in us to do missions – even in our own back yard… There is the Love.


June 18, 2008 - Posted by | Devotion in motion, Life thoughts

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  1. Well said….I can feel the love 🙂

    Comment by TT Lago | June 18, 2008

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