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Late Mind Dump (Due To Holiday on Monday)….

In the last 7 days I…

  • Had a team meeting with our employees
  • Went to a Teen Challenge Meeting
  • Worked 24 hours at the church
  • Worked 22 hours in our home office
  • Completed a study on Psalm 46
  • Attended a MMBA Meeting (mid Minnesota Builders Association)
  • Talk to my Grandma
  • Was without my vehicle for 30 hours…
  • Was given rides from Sarah M. and Heidi S. (thanks friends!)
  • Attended a birthday dinenr for a good friend of mine – Sara Moe
  • Had coffee and prayer during our Thursday Morning Coffee Group at Coco Moon
  • Assembled and excelled at the Ladies Night Out Bingo Event w/ Joelle (15 women attended!!!)
  • Prepared a luncheon menu for a Pastors Wives Meeting
  • Roller bladed with my cousin Cheryl – 5 miles
  • Packed up Al, Me, 2 dogs and a rabbit to go to the cabin for the weekend
  • swapped a book on
  • Completed 2 books over weekend
  • Drove around Silver Bay looking at ATV’s and the beauty of the land
  • Ate lunch at the Tressle Inn (Finland, Minnesota)
  • Watched Oceans 13 with Al
  • Had a midnight birthday party for Chance Sunday evening – he turned 13!!!
  • Watched two movies with Justin, Chance, and Al
  • Shopped with Chance so he could spend his birthday money
  • Spent hours on the internet researching the average household use of toilet paper in a year. (I seriously did…)

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