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Thursday Thumbs Up: Book Sharing

I love books.  I always have and I have blogged so many times on this topic as well as added a second blog on books that I won’t bore you with the details….  just trust this fact to be true –  I love books.

So this Thursdays Thumbs Up goes to friends who borrow you something they have read and enjoyed.  This is like the ultimate gift.  They are asking you to share on the adventure – you open the cover and off you go!

 These borrowed books I handle with loving care.   They have been entrusted to me and I can’t wait to dive into the hidden adventure, mystery, learning, that awaits within the pages.

Recently while talking to a friend, I mentioned after seeing the Prince Caspian Movie that I had to read the book by C.S. Lewis.  Later that day he brought me the whole Narnia series to borrow that he happened to have at home.  TREASURES!!! 

I am off for a weekend at our cabin – 3 hour drive there and a variety of books going along…

Let the adventures begin!


May 22, 2008 - Posted by | Thursday Thumbs Up

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