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Carpe Audit (?)

Last week I received a call that our company had been chosen for a DOT Audit.  Never having been through an audit and having a bit (just a tad) of perfectionism in me, I wanted things to be right.  At first I was nervous to the fact that the woman said that she would be with me all day ….

All day?  What could possibly take all day??? 

… but then as the days went on I found myself looking forward to the audit.  What an opportunity to have someone truly in the know go through our files and reports and assist us in being accurate.  Of course I spent the days prior to the event rechecking my files, my paperwork, etc….

Then on Wednesday I had cleared the whole day for the audit.  She arrived at 9 am and we sat at my kitchen table from 9am until 6 pm – no breaks, no food, just paperwork… and I learned a lot…  she offered me to do my own thing and she would call if she needed me, but hanging out with her taught me so much… priceless information.  I had piles of notes, she gave me better forms, it was like a training day!

When all was said and done she sat down with Al and I and layed out her findings.  She said she rarely seen a company go through their first audit with as few of corrections as we did.  She pointed out that most companies come out of their first time with hefty fines well into the upper thousands… we came out – fine free.  (PTL!)

I am still a bit ecstatic with these results but the most amazing thing was by the time she was done – I was EXHAUSTED.  I absolutely had done nothing but listen and make copies all day long but I was shot!  Still am a little bit….  It must have been all the anxiety leading up the audit, and then the actual sitting through it and hoping (PRAYING really) that I had things right…..




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