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The Fairy Godmothers Guide to Mother’s Day

I was recently reading a new friend of mine’s blog at Dandelion Seeds.  She was writing about Mother’s Day and reflecting back to past blogs she had wrote on the subject.  I read them all and found her words to be inspiring… she found God in the midst of all her doubts and struggles and I was inspired by her genuine words. 

So I began to write my own Mother’s Day Blog….

And it started out something like how I really don’t like any holidays and how I find them bitter sweet….


Even I was bored to tears reading it and felt it was a true cry for therapeutic help.  So…. I trashed that idea ( into the Draft pile, which will someday soon be another blog topic…)

Then… today I was on the phone with that same new friend and she was inquiring about my blog on Mother’s Day… or lack there of….  

I told her how truly awful and depressing my blog had turned out and through our shared laughter…. a new thought developed…. better… non dreary even…

SO…  with no further ado…..  Here is my version of the ideal Mother’s Day:

1.  You wake up and upon looking in the mirror find your hair to be perfect – just as it is.  The best hair day ever.

2.  Your positive when you smile your teeth are whiter and you are certain that you are at least ten pounds lighter.

3.  Upon stepping out of the house in the best outfit EVER before seen on the planet earth you are greeted (much like Snow White) with birds that rest on your arms and squirrels that scamper for your attention. 

4.  You listen and wherever you go your favorite song (now from this day forward known as your theme song) plays gently in the background.

5.  Your children (yes, those little darlings that after all – made you a mother…) have cleaned the house – AND, before you cringe at the thought, have done it so well you couldn’t have done it better yourself. 

6.  With rose petals at your feet you walk to your horse drawn carriage and speed off to “Universal Free Day” where all purchases for Mothers are free (please have child along for ID purposes…).

Ok, Ok…. enough already.  I’m just kidding around.  I truly love being a mom.  I have two wonderful boys who have brought to me so much joy – so many paths I would have never traveled, so many adventures I would have missed if it were not for them.  And while – they will both be the first to admit they have not always been easy – God provided them to my care and if not for that, I would not be who I am today. 

I thank God for His incredible blessings on my family….  my ideal Mother’s Day – is being able to spend time with Brad and Justin.  As they grown into men before my eyes and amaze me, because I am way too young to have children this age…. (ha ha)… I know how truly truly blessed I am. 

Happy Mother’s Day!!!  Anyone want to share what their ideal Mother’s day would be?


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