Straight on Through

Things in my head and now …. not

I am…

A Mother A Wife A Friend A Confident A Mentor A Christian A Sister A Daughter A Cousin A Niece A Child A Co Worker A Business Owner A Housekeeper A Cook A Nurse A Counselor A Judge A Jury A Parole Officer A Chauffeur A Planner A Photographer A Nut A Sounding Block A Comedian A Writer A Teacher A Student A Perfectionist A Mess An Adventurer A Fighter A Thinker Fun A Reader A Writer A Creator A Movie Buff A Rollerblade Enthusist A Nature Lover A Gamer A Gardener A Missionary A Team Player A Scrapbooker Committed A Cheer Leader A Collector A Traveler Busy An Explorer A Work In Progress A Planner Curious A Sun Seeker Grateful Thankful Determined A Worrier A Survivor Exhausted Learning A Garage Sale Junkie A Reporter Flawed Thirsty Concerned Prayerful Loved Improving Tired The Lead Singer In My Car An Adventurer Unafraid Persistant Open Minded A Dog Lover Hopeful Honest Loyal Creative Competititive Structured Stubborn Cheesy Amazed At Peace


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