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Hunting Season is ON!!!

I was driving through town on Friday and at a stoplight near the YMCA… I seen it…. there it was all shiny and moving in the wind and I held my breath….

A Garage Sale Sign.

I think this must be the same rush men get at the start of deer hunting and see that first deer.  I swear my trigger finger must have jerked in anticipation of digging quarters out of my purse …

I have friends who will agree with this time of year…  this is a time for:

  • Finding loads of great books (best prices can cover me most of the year!)
  • craft supplies for my ongoing projects in scrapbooking
  • Toys for IHN
  • Items for our cabin
  • picture frames
  • so much more!!!!

I usually get to hang out with a friend or two during this time so that is fun to map out our “hunting teritory” and go.  I also really enjoy chatting with the people who run the sales.  I see long lost friends and meet new people all in one outing. 

My hunting season does not require a special brightly colored outfit, a mild colored cotton shirt and capri’s will suffice.  I also do not need to invest in a lot of prep for the season.  Perhaps an oil change on the Durango but that’s it. I don’t have to be quiet during the sale and in fact can shout out in happiness if I find that special item with (hopefully) no annoying looks from other shoppers.  Probably the most important difference of all is I do not have to spray anything unmentionable on me to attract the sale to me.  I just have to follow directions and go.  ; )




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