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My weekend so far has been bitter sweet. On Thursday evening, Al and I heard the sirens coming out and fade as they neared our home. I looked out the window and seen the ambulance at our neighbors home… an elderly man around his 70’s who’s wife had passed away two winters ago. This afternoon we found out that he too has went Home. Today, from my office, I can see his house and I think about his last night there. I know he was ready to go home to be with God… we had talked about this. Yet now I look out on to the house and it seems so cold and empty and it tears at my heart that I will never wave at him again or see him on my doorstep with little trinkets he had made for us (one year a game for the boys, another year a Cross…)

Today we get a call from a friend of mine who was in my book club until cancer has taken her away from getting out much. She doesn’t live far from us and is asking if Al could plow her yard. Of course he will and she tells me to have him come to the door so she can pay him. “No,” I say, “We want to do this.” She practically weeps her gratitude on the phone and my heart tears again. Here is this beautiful woman who through her illness has become closer to God – each day reading her Bible and she glows with His love. She talks to me about waiting to dance with Jesus and I promise to stop by soon, and the truth is I am excited to spend time with her and hear about her faith journey.

Tonight, I reflect on these two lives that are a part of me. Through conversations and time together I have learned about their walk. I feel as though I stand on the edge of paradise as one moves on to his new life and one waits patiently but excitably for her turn.

I for one am better for having known them both.


April 12, 2008 - Posted by | Life thoughts


  1. Our time here is so precious… and short in the scheme of things… thanks for the reminder to make our lives count while we’re here!

    Comment by Amy (Dandelion Seeds) | April 12, 2008

  2. They, as all of us, are better for knowing you also, Sheila. You have such a loving heart.

    Comment by Karen L. | April 15, 2008

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