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The Funk – Phase II

I was unaware that Funks could have phases, but now I believe they do. It is April 11th, and as anyone who lives anywhere near the Brainerd Lakes area knows – we have just been through a snow storm. I look out my window and can not believe it is April. Funkedy funky funk.

Yesterday afternoon, I put myself in Super Woman mode (my “bionicness” even astounded me!). I multi tasked my way through town taking care of business deposits, faxing prevailing wage information, handling business calls on my cell phone, taking time to get a much needed hair cut, and then finally to the grocery store where I planned out this weekends needs in the event that we would not be going too far from home with the weather coming in.

(Oh, wait for it… the funk part is coming…)

So…. why is it that when I get home and I am putting things away and cleaning up around the kitchen I start to notice the following things….

  1. When I go to start the dishwasher I suddenly remember that I had used the last of the dishwashing liquid on the previous dishes…. (not sure if you can put regular soap in the dishwasher – but I did yesterday)
  2. I take the laundry downstairs to get a load going while I prep supper and recall that the laundry soap is also pretty much gone and I find myself adding water to the residue that is in the container and shaking it to get the last bit out.
  3. I take the garbage out and come in to put the fresh bag in and pull the last one out of the Glad box. (Believe me, that did not leave me feeling very “Glad.”)
  4. As all this is happening I have this vague recollection of our son Justin coming to take toilet paper out of our bathroom two days ago because he said we were out in the main bathroom and he also informed me that he took the last roll.

Which leads me to: WHY DOES EVERYTHING RUN OUT AT THE SAME TIME? (The Funk has now gone a bit humorous….. )


April 11, 2008 - Posted by | Insane Moments

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  1. Been there sista… been there… although, ours wasn’t so humorous, as we were out and couldn’t buy any… it was a blessing when after prayer, some toilet paper showed up!

    Comment by Amy (Dandelion Seeds) | April 12, 2008

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