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The following poem is wriiten by Caron Loveless.  It is beautifully written and I have a copy of this beside my desk at home.  She is an inspiring author and her words remind me of the blessings I have in true friends just as she speaks of…

Friends possess remarkable keys. They open the locked doors of our lives. They give us entrance to places we’d never dare go by ourselves. They fling wide the gates of lush, secret gardens. They take us to treasure rooms glistening with gifts we’re sure we don’t deserve.

    Friends unlatch the windows of our souls. They grip the drapes we’ve drawn around ourselves and yank them back to let God’s gleaming light stream in. They pull and tug until the windows pop open and fresh, new breezes fill our musty hearts.

    When storms throw trees across our path, a friend will lend her strength to haul the logs away. Friends are not fazed by our roadblocks. They come equipped with chainsaws. They help us chop our obstacles like firewood, then strike a match to them. They make sparks fly up from the flames. They say, “Why not sit awhile and warm yourself by this nice fire?” When the smoke clears, friends pass out coat hangers and feast with us on roasted marshmallows until the last ember dies.

    Friends have sight where we are blind. They are guides through the jungles of our past. They are fearless to face the dangers we know lurk beneath the brush. Friends hack and slash at the wild, clinging thoughts that bind us. With grace, they loose us from our blindfolds, then tie them on branches, marking a trail for the future.

    Friends create breakthroughs. The best ones are agents of God. Like Him, they stand us in front of a mirror and introduce us to ourselves.

~ Caron Loveless


March 25, 2008 - Posted by | Life thoughts

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