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The Monday Mind Dump

  1. For most of last week, Al and I were at a convention in Las Vegas with 5 of our employees and four wives. I enjoyed getting to know some of the women better and really really enjoyed the sunny weather we had the two full days we were there. Highlights would be:

  2. Hanging out with the girls and walking through the amazing Hotels during the day like the Belagio, Mirage, MGM, and Ceasor’s Palace…

  3. Reading by the pool

  4. My favorite appetizer is in Las Vegas at the Harley Davidson Cafe – the buffalo shrimp

  5. Seeing the Secret Gardens and the dolphins, white tigers, and lions of Sigfreid and Roy.

  6. Going to dinner with Al and seeing David Copperfield (Al went on stage to participate in one of the illusions!!!)
  • Thank you Jennifer for hanging at my house the three evenings I was gone…

  • On Saturday (back in good ol’ Brainerd) I went to both of our new book stores – Bethany and Book World and was impressed with both! It’s like pieces of my mother ship right in my own back yard…. : )

  • Saturday evening Chance, Justin, and I played Scene IT and lost both games to Justin. (He really needs to get a life – ha ha)

  • Sunday – Chance and I spent the afternoon hanging out and went to the movie Fool’s Gold

  • Putzing around on the computer over the weekend, I found my original journal on the Manuelito website of my first year experience in Honduras. That was kind of cool to read.

  • I have completed the Lost back seasons!!!! Not sure if I should be proud or repulsed…..

  • Pretty busy week ahead – I have a couple lunches with friends, book club Tuesday evening, small group, and Ladies Night Out on Thursday… and of course all the action going on in both offices!

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