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People On The Street…

I am an 80’s chick. LOVE LOVE LOVE the 80’s music… never really outgrew that.

It was two years ago when after returning from Honduras that I was listening to David Bowie’s Under Pressure and caught in the midst of that song the words, “people on the street…

It never really meant anything to me before – but since then, I tie that song to Honduras when I hear it and the 36,000 street kids, who are indeed, the people on the streets.

The songs talks about the pressure pushing down on you and it really makes me think of the enormous pressure that must be on these children, these young adults – just to survive day to day… to day. This is truly a situation of survival of the fittest. If you look into these kids eyes you can see it… the hardness of the life they have, the edge they have to keep, probably never letting their guard down.

The 30 minutes we spend with them a year, handing out food and building relationships is just a tiny glimpse of who they are and where they have been. In some cases, I recognize them from the previous year, yet each year, those same survivors of the street look harder, more worn down… the pressures they are under just to stay alive.

I wonder about those I see for a year or two and then they are not there. I remember one girl in particular – Rosa. Three years ago we met her on the street. A beautiful girl, probably about 14 or 15. She learned all of our names that year and enjoyed walking among us saying them. Two years ago she was still on the street and that light that had been in her eyes the year before was now dull. She didn’t say much, but hung on a guy who also had no light in his eyes. It hurt me then to see the downward spiral of this life. This year, I did not see Rosa at all and I wonder what became of her…

Pressure on people – people on streets
Turned away from it all like a blind man
Sat on a fence but it don’t work
Keep coming up with love
but it’s so slashed and torn
Why – why – why ?
Love love love love love
Insanity laughs under pressure we’re cracking
Can’t we give ourselves one more chance
Why can’t we give love that one more chance
Why can’t we give love give love give love give love
give love give love give love give love give love
‘Cause love’s such an old fashioned word
And love dares you to care for
The people on the edge of the night
And loves dares you to change our way of
Caring about ourselves
This is our last dance
This is our last dance
This is ourselves
Under pressure
Under pressure
~ The ending to the song – Under Pressure

The First Shall be Last, and the Last First
(Mt 20:16)


March 6, 2008 - Posted by | Devotion in motion, Life thoughts


  1. Those pictures – wow. They say it all. It must have been so hard to walk away . . . I can’t imagine. Maybe we should all move down there?

    Comment by Karen L. | March 6, 2008

  2. Oh Karen – do not temp me. : )
    Thanks for the comment – I do love them!

    Comment by sdechantal | March 6, 2008

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