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Honduras – Part Two

February 2nd…. we are up at 6:00 am and I think we heard the new geese at Manuelito before we heard the alarm on Karol’s phone.

At breakfast we jokingly created Bano Buddies (bathroom buddies) to ensure no one would ever be trapped in the bathroom again.

We went out to the tree (my favorite tree int he world) so the new team members could see this incredible massive tree. A few of the kids (and the team) climbed in.

Our work day was building a new dorm area and we worked between mixing cement, scening the sand, shoveling for fill in the building, and building the brick walls. It was a beautiful day. later in the afternoon, Karol and Kacee started sanding picnic tables to be repainted later in the week.

This evening we went to Pastor Elmer’s church behind the Hardware store and were able to hear Heydi sing and listen to a sermon.


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  1. Sheila, when Al spent the weekend with us, I asked about your Honduras trip. Dick and he had a lot to talk about… heavy equipment sort of things, but I managed to squeeze out of Al that you had boxed up food to send there. I said to him that I thought that would be really amazing to hand out to the people the very food that you had boxed up so far away in Brainerd… seeing it through from start to finish. Then I read in your Honduras journal this morning… ” The highlight of Choltecha for me was when they started handing out food – the very food that we bagged and boxed right here at the Franklin Art Center in October. I had no idea the impact that experience would have on me, but seeing the food get into the hands of these children, some wearing only underwear, broke me. This day was my birthday – and this moment, this Gift directly from God to see this project from start to finish made not only my day – but is the greatest treasure that I took with me from this entire Honduras mission. Hotter than I have ever been before, I praised God right on the spot for allowing me to see this with my own eyes.” What a birthday…

    And then Justin… I had expressed to Al how wonderful it was that Justin was able to go with you this year and then to read in your email the impact it had in a very concrete visible way… “He had not been to church in 4 months due to working every Sunday morning. When he came back he went into work and told them that he could no longer work before 11 am on Sundays as he needed to go to church.” When we see our kids heading down this path… well, there just is nothing better. ~Adrienne

    Comment by Adrienne | February 20, 2008

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