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Honduras – Part Ten :AFE

We are at the mission house and up at 6:00, breakfast at 6:30, leave for mission field at 7:00 a.m.

Our job is to work cement blocks and build the new school building walls. We also have some painting to do on the outsides and insides of the existing buildings.

In the morning we get to see the kids before they go into classes. The team has seen the dump and know where these kids come from. We start out with an introduction of the team to the kids and Pastor Jeoney leads us in a prayer and then a funny dance that Tim, LD, and Justin join in on.

We then get to work and work hard until the kids get a break, then we get to play with them, and then back to work until 4 p.m. It is good to see kids form last year and see the differences in them. Some look healthier and have lost some of the orange coloring to their hair from malnutrition.

On the 12th, we have the same schedule and actually complete quite a bit on the walls for only being able to work this project for two days. Today, they bring over baby Jefferey who was born in the dump. he is 7 months old but looks more like 3 months old. He is cool to the touch and does not respond well. he seems limp. Kacee holds him for awhile. Jeffery will be one of the three current babies that will occupy the new nursery so they will not be left in cardboard boxes while their mothers look for food and things to see in the dump.

Several of the boys work with us with the cement and brick. Between working, I have them write their names in the cement that is in my wheel barrow. I smooth it out and then they write. It was fun to get to know their names that way.

By this time the kids are warming up to us and it is already hard to tell them good bye. They do not understand that we will not be back tomorrow and as they leave for the day they say see you tomorrow…

At the end of the day the kids do a small good bye program. They give us cards and ask for prayers. They then all hug us and thank us for coming. I don’t think any of us have ever been hugged by more than 100 kids in a 10 minute period before. It is overwhelming to see their joy in their circumstances.

The team says good bye to Jeoney – until next time. We load up into the bus and return to the mission house for the night.

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