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Honduras – Part Six

Wednesday February 6 and Thursday February 7 – Our last two days at Manuelito. On Wednesday, Tim, Al, and I went to Nathanial’s church to meet with him. Nathanial’s church is our sister church. We were able to talk with him and see how his church is doing.

In the afternoon we worked our final day on this mission. The weather had cleared up and it was a beautiful day. A group of us after lunch were able to walk to Talanga and use the internet cafe. We also walked through the town to see the shops and the culture.

Late afternoon the girls dressed in our “Energia Chica” shirts (Girl Power) and silly puttyed Tim as our annual prank. We then all hurried to finish up our projects and go to church at Natividad’s church. (My favorite of all the churches).

At 4:30 a.m. the toilet paper roll I had been sleeping with next to me on my bunk bed rolled over on to my back and I woke up screaming thinking something was on me. (Got to love the comic relief).

On Thursday we said our good byes to the Manuelito children with promises to come back next year. This day is always a hard day.

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