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Honduras – Part Seven

The late afternoon of the 7th, Larry Libra catches up with the team in Tegucigalpa! Yay! He had delays on getting his passport and through much prayer he finally was able to join us. He went to Valley of The Angels with us, where we shopped and had dinner, and then out to the streets.

(I did not take my camera tot he streets this year but will add street pictures from other team members cameras in the next day or so)

What can you really say about the street experience? We go out as a team and we bring food to the kids who live on the streets. It is a surreal experience and it amazes me to see how many kids I recognize each year from the streets that were there the previous year.

Justin and Larry (LD) handed out a lot of the food. To see them out there for the first time with all of these kids grabbing at them, hands outreached for food was hard for me. I looked at Justin as many hands grabbed for him to give out the food and thought, “that’s my kid, handing out food to kids his own age on the streets of Honduras. Kids with nothing. That’s my son.”


February 18, 2008 - Posted by | Just me

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