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Honduras – Part One

We flew out of Minneapolis the morning of January 31st. There were 11 of us: Tim Lake, Al Steiff, Karol Kruse, Kacee Kruse, Trish Sullivan, Scott and Austin Vansteenwik, Bret Jevning, Lance Mudgett, Justin DeChantal and myself.

Our plane was probably the smallest plane I have ever been on since the two seater I was in when my mom and I went to Anchorage Alaska a good 30 years ago… We joked that the snack provided on the plane would be a bag of pretzels that started with the front passengers and was a “take one and pass it down” style. We were all excited to be on our way and had visions of seeing old friends and making new as we were only a few short hours away from this becoming a reality…

and then… we landed in Austin Texas due to poor weather in Huston and sat on the plane for two hours before being cleared to continue to Huston. By the time we reached Huston, we had missed our flight to Tegucigalpa and would need to stay over night to catch a flight the next morning.

Our group motto became, “it is what it is” and With Tim and Scott talking to the powers that be with Continental Airlines, we received a free nights stay at the Hilton, and meal vouchers for lunch, supper, and breakfast before our flight. God had provided – as always.

The next morning, we were on our way and once again our hearts soared. We arrive by noon and discovered that our luggage did not make the flight with us and would be coming in on a later flight. (It is what it is…)
We drove to the mission house and waited for the next plane that afternoon, and once we had our luggage we were off to a very late arrival in Talanga to the Manuelito Project (about 8:30 p.m.).

The kids are always amazing. They recognized those of us who have been there before and quickly got to know those who hadn’t. Justin commented that he was surprised how quickly the kids warmed up to him and by the end of our first evening, the group was well on their way to building relationships.

(This first night was also the night that Kacee became trapped in the womens bathroom when the door wouldn’t open. I was all zonked out with my ambien or I would have pictures of my bunk bed being climbed on by Brett and Austin trying to get her out… but in truth, I pretty much slept through the whole thing.)


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