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Honduras – Part Five (Maricell’s Testimony)

Wednesday the 6th.

Maricelle gives her testimony after breakfast.

Maricelle lived 12 years on the streets with her mom. They lived in boxes and searched for food in dumpsters. During the rainy season it was harder because the rain would destroy the cardboard box they called home.

Maricelle would ask for money in the streets and when she couldn’t get it, she would steal it. As she got older she started using glue with Maribell and David to take away the hunger pains. When they were unable to find food, they would kill the hunger by using glue.

At the age of 12 she met Pastor Jorge on the streets. He would come by with a bus and he would open the bus up so they could go in and eat. For two years they met with Jorge and they would go to his church during the day for food and shelter and return to the streets at night before he started Manuelito.

When the transition house was built Jorge invited to Maricelle to live there. She didn’t have to think about it,. she said “yes.”

She had always wanted to meet her father and never was able to. By the time she had tracked him down, she found out he had died. She now refers to Jorge as her father.

Jorge brought her off the streets and now she has a future and a home. She never thought she would have either. She thanks God for bringing Jorge to her and her family and she thanks us for supporting Manuelito and making this place a reality.


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