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Honduras – Part Eleven: Final Thoughts

It is our final night in Honduras.  We are exhausted but excited for everything we have experienced.  The teens sit inside and talk and play board games.  The 4 adult team members sit outside enjoying the warm evening, knowing tomorrow it is back to the cold!

We plan out future teams, dates, and ideas.  We share our thoughts and talk late into the night.

The next morning, February 13, we are up and after breakfast have a time to debrief from the trip.  Tim leads us in questions such as, “How can we continue this mission after we return home?”

We discuss prayers and funding if it is on our heart.  We discuss sharing what we have experienced with others so they may know and some day may lead them to a mission here – or somewhere.

We then discussed what God did through each of us while we were here and that lead to a great discussion on how many of our hearts have changed.

The next dates for Honduras are set to be an AFE team that will come November 1 – 8.  We need ten people to say yes to this trip to make it a reality.

I complete this trip with a thankful heart.  I for one, will do Honduras Missions as long as God will allow me to do so.  Coming to Honduras is for me, like coming home.  I have family there.  A lot of them… and I miss them each time … until we meet again.


February 18, 2008 - Posted by | Just me

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  1. Thank You Sheila for sharing. This helps bring this mission a little closer to Brainerd. You are such a blessing to those you leave behind each year, I know God is smiling down on all of you as He uses you to spread His love to all corners of this earth. God Bless and may you spend many more years returning home to your family in Honduras!

    Comment by Sandi | February 21, 2008

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