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Honduras – Part Eight Choltecha

On Friday the 8th we said good bye to part of our team. Two changes occurred in that time. Once, Trish Sullivan had an ear infection and cut her trip short to go home and two, Kacee Kruse was given an opportunity to stay the duration of this mission instead of leaving today. The team said good bye to Bret Jevning, Scott and Austin Vansteenwick, Trish Sullivan, and Karol Kruse.

The rest of the team went up the street to a coffee shop and discussed our upcoming trip to Choltecha for the next two days to see what this mission is like. We would be with 20 miles of Nicaragua. The temperature in this area was currently right around 117 degrees.

We left for Choletecha and drove 3 and a half hours into the mountains. When we arrived we checked into the Hotel Riviera where we would sleep the next two nights. We had a quick dinner at Wendy’s (I know… weird) and then after devotion went to bed.

On Saturday the 9th we were picked up by the missionaries Angie and Larry. They drove us to the areas they work in and we were able to see their mission come to life. Larry said they work in 5 areas for these people:

1. Spiritual

2. Recreational

3. Health

4. Educational

5. Economical

They work in villages that are the poorest of the poor in Honduras. Angie had just completed a week of VBS in three of these areas and the team was able to help her prepare cookies and candy bags for their graduation that would take place the next day.

We learned that July and August are the hardest months as the harvests are gone and they live mainly on mangos and tortillas during this season.

That evening of the 9th we were taken into a village that they had just started teaching about God in three weeks prior. We took a Youth Group withus who performed with puppets and shared about Jesus.

The highlight of Choltecha for me was when they started handing out food – the very food that we bagged and boxed right here at the Franklin Art Center in October. I had no idea the impact that experience would have on me, but seeing the food get into the hands of these children, some wearing only underwear, broke me.

This day was my birthday – and this moment, this Gift directly from God to see this project from start to finish made not only my day – but is the greatest treasure that I took with me from this entire Honduras mission. Hotter than I have ever been before, I praised God right on the spot for allowing me to see this with my own eyes.

Here is the link to us bagging the food in October:  Feed The Children Blog


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