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Thursday Thumbs Up

ab.jpgToday I have for some odd reason been thinking about Cheer.  Not the detergent…. and not just any cheer….  but the Wal-Mart Cheer.

Yup… it is true.  It exists. 

As a 13 year “Wal – Martian”, you can count on what I say to be true. 

The Wal-Mart cheer I am sure generated from the original, Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart.  What is cool is that it still exists today, in every Wal-Mart, all over the world.

Perhaps during some early morning shopping trip you may have heard through the aisles an echo of a song or seen a group of blue vested people huddled together clapping and singing something like:

“Give me a ‘W'” 


“Give me an ‘A'”


“Give me an ‘L'”


“Give me a squiggly”

(That’s right – I said squiggly which at that point you did some sort of hip wiggle that I find hard to describe let alone believe that I did that each work day for all those years….)

After the squiggly we went through the M – A – R – T letters like we did the W- A – L, and then it ended with….

“What store is #1?”

Where we would reply, “1654 Baxter Minnesota”, and end with an arm pump in the air and say “Huh!”

Oh yeah…. good times.

The cheer itself created a team unity and kind of started your day off with a little laughter, smile, or perhaps an eye roll…

Anyway, the thumbs up is to the crazy things we each have done in our past jobs.  (Oh, think about it… you have to have at least one!)  However, my time at Wal-Mart was good times and I was treated very well.  I can not say anything bad about them, but smile a little at the memories of a distant chear that will forever “cheer on” in my heart.



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    Comment by Bret Richmond | January 29, 2008

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