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Thursday Thumbs Up (just a couple days late…)

I noticed today that my Thursday Thumbs Up has fallen off the blog map.  Doh!  Life happens, and pretty soon what you said you were going to do falls away.  How completely annoying….  🙂

Today I have dusted off the Thursday Thumbs Up and put it back on this blog where it belongs.  Today my thumbs up goes to shared books.  It is no secret at all that I enjoy reading.  From my blog on What’s On Your Book Shelf, from last July, to the more recent blog in December on Books Annoymous.

By shared books I am referring to books that you have so enjoyed, you have recommended them, of even borrowed them, to a friend.  Or a friend, as in my current case, has borrowed you a book that they have read because they enjoyed it so much they knew you would too.  Going into a book is traveling to wherever that book takes you…. into a good mystery or thriller, or Ireland, or on a boat, or in a plane, to where Jesus walked,  or where Moses talked.

To read the same book as someone close to you is like taking an adventure with them.  Traveling the same road as the author had laid before you, but now instead of going it alone, you have a friend along to share the experience. 

I can talk books and authors all day…. share your books and share the adventures


January 19, 2008 - Posted by | Book Thoughts

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