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Reviewing the Bucket List

bucket.jpgI treated myself to a movie on Sunday and it happened to be The Bucket List. I had heard of the movie the first time through my friend Joelle’s blog, Picking Daisys.

I found the movie to be a little mediocre… as much as I love to watch Morgan Freeman in movies, this one just didn’t have a lot of pop and sizzle… There is a lot of vulgar language coming from the Jack Nicholson character, and a few references I know I could have lived without.

However I wouldn’t waste your time or mine writing about a movie that had no potential… (movie spoilers following) in the middle of the movie while Jack and Morgan’s characters are enjoying a spectacular view of the pyramids, Morgan, who is known in the movie to be full of facts (which by the way were really interesting!) mentions to Jack that the Egyptians believe that when you get to Heaven you will be asked 2 questions.

“Ok,” Jack says, “I’ll bite, what are the two questions?”

1. Has your life had joy?

2. Have you brought joy to others?

These are great questions.  Do you have joy in your life?  Is it continuous joy, or is it moments of joy?  These were questions that actually made me stop and think.  I take joy in the Lord and my relationship with Him but I can’t honestly say that I have continuous joy.  Moments – yes, like deep worship or deep prayer that leaves you feeling saturated with God’s presence.  I find joy in seeing others grow and relationships grow.  I like to stand back and observe what I see God doing from a distance … when relationships are healed, friendships renewed… that is joy.

It’s true… I like to watch Him work.

The second question wasn’t much easier to answer.  At first thought, I believed I brought joy to others.  I hope I do!  But it could be happiness or other emotions…

Ponder on these questions…. Having joy and giving it…  how would you answer these questions?


January 16, 2008 - Posted by | Devotion in motion, movies and popcorn and candy ... oh my!

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