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Repetition… Repetition…

I am always surprized when an old song comes on the radio and having not heard it for many years, I can still belt out all the words.  Things like that crack me up.  I think the schools would be wise to set some of those awful, boring, long, history lessons and math problems to a really catchy beat… I think our memory skills and learning capability would greatly improve!

The answer to this not so mysterious mystery is of course, repetition.  Those favorite tunes were on the radio a zillion times when they were hits and we sang the words even when the song wasn’t playing anywhere but in our heads. 

When it comes to Bible versus I like to take a scripture that is speaking to me and put it on a post it note and stick it to the dash of my vehicle.  When I look at it I repeat it and repeat it, working at commiting it to that dusty compartment in my brain called memory. 

Mark just preached last Sunday about how many times the “fear nots” are in the Bible.  365 times.  That’s repetition.  In John 3, Jesus repeats the importance of the new birth in order to get to Heaven.  Repetition.  Hmmm… it must be important.

You may get frustrated by talking to friends and family about God and seemingly it doesn’t sink in.  Yet think of all the testimonies where people talk about how they had been told about God for years and then one day – they got it.  Repetition.  Plant that seed…


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