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Thursday Thumbs Up

a1.jpgI am a gamer.  Not like sitting and playing video games for hours… no, but there was a time….

I like on line games such as TextTwist, Scrabble, 7 Wonders, Word Mojo, Hidden Relics, .. .you get the point.  I like word games and Strategy puzzles.  If I am not reading, I like to wind down with a quick game. 

So my Thumbs up Thursday goes to Shockwave Games.  I think I pay $5 a month and it is unlimited play on any of the games.  You can download them and play them forever if you want to.  There are all kinds to chose from,  from kids games to adventure, strategy, puzzles, words, sports…  You don’t even have to do the monthly fee – you can download and try games for a limited time for free. 

Well… don’t take my word for it – check it out! 


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