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Merry Holidays? Happy Christmas?

I am a stickler for Merry Christmas.  I love to say it – and prefer it to Happy Holidays.  I don’t believe Christ should be taken out of Christmas and that’s just me.  I know there are people who feel Happy Holidays is just as warm a greeting and it also covers Christmas and New Years in one swoop.  I get that.  I just prefer Merry Christmas.

This year finding Christmas cards that said “Merry Christmas” in them was difficult.  I went through the entire stock this particular store had and only found one card that said Merry Christmas.  I bought 4 boxes.

Yesterday I was on a business call in the office and at the end of our conversation the lady on the line said, “Happy Holidays!”

I replied, “Merry Christmas,” and she excitedly said, “Thank you – now I can say it – Merry Christmas.”

I asked her what she meant and she said that they were not allowed to say Merry Christmas unless it was said to them first.   I don’t know why I find that shocking – but I still do.

So – to my friends and family – here and there, all over the world… if I don’t get a chance to say it in person, “Merry Christmas!”


December 19, 2007 Posted by | Life thoughts | 2 Comments