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Monday Morning Mind Dump

What an amazing week and weekend….

  • I was able to practice humility throught the week as my Durango was worked on from Tuesday through Thursday.  I really don’t like to ask for help but I did… thank you to those who got me to where I needed to go and back home again…..  Justin DeChantal, Sarah Lindberg, Amber Schultz, Brett and Kate Richmond, and Joelle Schmidt.  I am so grateful!
  • I had the opportunity to interview several incredible women for the upcoming Receptionist opening at TJN.  Every one of them had a variety of skills and talents that I found amazing.  Interviews will continue throughout this week. 
  • I was able to be a real friend this past week to someone in need.  It felt good.
  • Joelle and I had lunch on Friday and did a little shopping afterwards
  • Sarah Goodrow and I were together on Saturday for the ARK luncheon and that was a  great time of catching up with a good friend.
  • On Friday we had a Christmas party in Millacs to attend and I had a chance to catch up with a friend I had not seen in two years. 
  • On Saturday evening we held our company Christmas party at Chap’s.  It was fun to sit back and watch this great team that we have.  They kid each other, laugh, and make plans, as true friends.  I love that about them!  (The Chap did a wonderful job and the food and service was fantasic)  Al and I agreed, this was the best Christmas Party yet.
  • My friend Joelle is blogging now on WordPress!  Check out her blog at Pickingdaisies!
  • Finally!  After almost a year of signing up our book club on the BookMovement web site for their monthly book giveaway – we won! The Contractor (1 club) 1. Sheila DeChantal and the Bookies Book Club of Brainerd, MN (12 members)Sheila, we will be mailing 12 books to the address in your account info. Charles would be delighted to call-in to your club via speakerphone.
  • On Sunday, December 16th our oldest son Brad turned 20.  (Wow that is hard to believe!)  He came over for the late afternoon so we could hang out and open gifts and then we all went out to dinner together.  It is exciting to hear his plans for the future. Capture this moment. 
  • 6 weeks out from Honduras….  I am so excited!

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