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bookworm.gifHello.  My name is Sheila and I love books. 

My 2nd grade teacher wrote my mom a note, “Sheila has a very vivid imagination.”

In 3rd grade at the end of the year I received the bookworm award. 

I’m not ashamed.  It is all true.  I love to read.  And I love to read a wide variety of styles.  They take me to far away lands, to adventures and miracles… I have books available to me everywhere.  I am never without one close by. 

I have built friendships off of book discussions.  I love to strike up conversations with people I see reading a book I have either read or wanted to read.  In one case, I did not make a friend.  In Costa Rica on vacation a few years back I seen a man at the pool reading a book that I had read.  His was in a different language but I recognized the book so asked him how he was enjoying the read.  He looked at me like he found a bug in his water bottle.  I smiled and left.

A couple weeks ago while a friend and I were walking the Christmas House Tour, she was ooh and ahhing about the beautiful antiques and home design, I on the other hand.. was checking out what these people had on their book shelves. 

Last week I was watching a tv show where two people were shopping in a book store and bought the same book.  I found the book on Amazon, found the background on the book to be fascinating and it came in the mail today. 

I think I will go read. 


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