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grease.jpgSo this morning I am and up and prepping for my day.  As I get ready I am singing to myself and it takes me awhile to realize I am singing a tune from the original Grease movie…. the one where it goes:

Stranded at the drive in

feeling like a fool.

What will they say

Monday at school?

Yeah… I know… wierd.  I haven’t watched the movie lately.  My crush of John Travolta is about 20 some years over….

So I think about the words and am like, “What will ‘they’ say?  Who are ‘they’?”

Then I remember, like a High School flashback… oh yeah… “they” The imaginary (or not?) people that we believed were watching our every move and cared truly if we had a bad hair day, or if we wore that same shirt a week ago, or who we liked….   Come on you guys, you remember.

That really sad part is that I really do not have to flash back all the way to High School for the “they” memory.  I really only need to take my time machine back… oh, lets say… about 5 years.  It is embarassingly true.  I actually still was in that “what will they think?  What will they say?  What if they don’t like me?” phase. 

(Pause for my embarrasing mental eye roll)

So… what has changed?  Well… me.  Working for a large company like I did, is kind of like a High School.  If you work for one – you know what I mean.  Gossip, clicks, whats fair, whats not…. 

But stepping out into a new life, literally for me, was a gift.  I stepped into a larger faith.  More God.  And it is so real.  With all these steps…. the “they’s” … don’t really phase me anymore.  My life has become full and with fullfillment…. not a lot of time for the voices in my head…  I have a larger hold on what is truly important.

Yeah, all this from one verse of a song called Sandy. 


December 12, 2007 - Posted by | Insane Moments


  1. Hey….your hair looks like crap and you have bad breath…and why do you always wear such dorky shoes.

    Over John Travolta….yeah right…I saw the picture in your desk.

    Comment by TT Lago | December 13, 2007

  2. Sheila,

    What you said is so true. We don’t need to impress others – we only need to look up and be accountable to Him and do what He calls us to do. I find great peace in that.

    Along with that is trying to remind myself the true Reason for the Season and not get so wacked out over getting the perfect presents for the kids or preparing the perfect Christmas meal.

    Let’s make a deal – you remind of the Reason for the Season & I’ll remind you to get out and exercise! (Maybe I’ll come with you.)

    Take care.

    Comment by Karen L. | December 18, 2007

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