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Monday Morning Mind Dump

  • Coming off a short weekend trip to the cabin up North. We had fun watching movies and playing board games and cards.
  • Soooo cool to meet Lance and Julie Mudgett in Two Harbors for Breakfast at the Vanilla Bean on Saturday morning. Home of the baked omelet (and wow are they big!!!) ** Pictures of the omelet below…
  • Al chopped wood on Sunday afternoon and I shoveled the front and back deck. COLD!
  • Justin is making me a jamming CD of all my favorite high energy songs to work out to!
  • Heater went out in the Durango this weekend. COLD – COLD drive to the North Shore on Saturday. We actually stopped and bought hand and feet warmers at a gas station. That will get fixed this week.
  • Al and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner on Sunday evening after returning a friends truck to his home, and fueling the ground thawer at Grand View Lodge. Multi tasking…
  • I have Brad and Justin’s Christmas lists now. Brad’s birthday is also this coming Sunday: The big 2 -0! 
  • Tuesday evening I have book club… I haven’t started the book yet so that will need to be my evening plan tonight after the Honduras and Mission Meetings.
  • Our company Christmas Party is this coming Saturday. Our turn to treat the guys and their wives!
  • 7 weeks until we leave for Honduras!

December 10, 2007 - Posted by | Just me

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