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Thursday Thumbs Up

My thumbs up today is going out to people who give selflessly of themselves. Lately, I feel surrounded by these people and I can’t think of a better group to be around! When we first started discussing the ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) at Church and how that could work in our community we were cautious…. I mean, you don’t want to float a new program out there and have it sink like a ton of bricks! Then we put Faith with it, and promoted it, and talked about it… and sent it out there – and… it floats. Why? Because of great people who said, “Yes,” I will do this.” Because of others who said, “Yes, I will moniter the needs and make matches to those with skills.”

Seriously you guys, it gives me goose bumps to see this happening – and working!

But that’s not the only area… I see it in volunteers at Church who see a need, and fill it. I see it in peoples hearts when they talk about Kinship, Soup Kitchen, Operation Christmas Child, IHN, Missions, Coats and Shoes for those in need, Jail Ministry, Youth and more….

I see it in friends who I have known for years such as my Mom’s friend Helen who put together a benefit for another friend who is recovering from cancer. Helen had never done anything like this before – yet she felt called to do this. It was fantastic! Well planned out and a great number of people came.

I look around and I think of each of these people…. working towards their goal and it is like I am seeing them all at once in slow motion. Their task. Their prayer. One person. Then another. Then another. Then I see each of these people touch someone else by sharing their need, or cause, or hope. And… it multiplies. To our community. To our state. To our world. I want to spin in the center of them all with my arms outreached thanking God for this incredible gift of witnessing His love in action. Wow.


December 6, 2007 - Posted by | Life thoughts

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