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For those we love….

Tonight I am making Ruebens for my family (YUM!) and to that effect, it takes a little manuevering. I, for example, like ruebens on a Lite Village Hearth wheat bread… where Al likes his on a hearty 12 grain. Justin, doesn’t care what kind of bread, but does not like sauer kraut.

dsc05407.jpgSo – I made the different Ruebens wrapped in foil to cook and put our initial on the foil so we know which is for who. Works for us.

We have friends who the husband loves lasagna. The wife does too, but really dislikes hamburger. They make their lasagna half with meat and half without.

I love thinking about how we each make little adjustments for those we care about. Some may find it quirky, I think it is sweet.

Anyone else out there have examples?


December 5, 2007 - Posted by | Life thoughts

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