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Cell Phones…

cell-phone.gifI remember when our kids were probably about 4 and 6, Al got his first cell phone.  Do you remember the first cell phones?  It came with a big carrying case that plugged in to your car lighter.  The phone itself was about 9 inches long and looked like you were holding a brick to your ear.  I had no idea why he thought he needed one… what made him think he had to be able to be reached at all times.  I picked on him pretty bad. Ridiculous!

(Flash forward to present time…)  Of course now, I don’t leave home without it.  And if I do forget it… I go back for it.  Yup, I will turn the car around. It has been a lifesaver during  the years of, “Yes Al, I did put the vehicle in the ditch.”… and a blessing on my way home from work with the, “Mom, could you pick up milk?” or “Mom, I missed the bus.” You can pretty much catch me anytime on my cell phone.  Technology is not only amazing… it is spooky how quickly I have went from a cell phone “mocker” to a fan.

I love that email that is about using our Bible the same way we use our cell phone:

  • If we left home and forgot it, we would go back for it.
  • We would check it often for Messages.
  • It would always be near us, in our purse or pocket
  • We would flip through it several times a day
  • We would give it to our kids as a gift (and they would love it!)
  • It would be handy in case of emergencies
  • We always used it when we traveled

And the best part of all – unlimited minutes and no bill ever – Jesus paid that in full a long time ago. 


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