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A Moment without oxygen…

I was coming home yesterday afternoon as my Durango stubornly refused to shift gears in the cold.  It didn’t matter that he had a warm up time before we moved…. he just doesn’t do well getting going in the winter.

(And this is where the lack of oxygen part must have kicked in…)  I wonder if like pets start to act like their owners… if vehicles are not kind of the same?  I know, we are talking living creature vs. V8 engine… but it could be a funny thought so I am running with it.

Think about it.  I am not a Winter fan.  Getting up and going when the temp is hitting the low digits is not what I call fun.  Apparently, my vehicle – same thing.  I drive all hunched over trying to hang on to any heat in my body I can… the Durango shaking down the road, engine whining “IT’S TOO COLD – PUT ME BACK IN THE GARAGE!”

Neither one of us make very many additional trips throughout this season.  If we leave the house, it is because we have to. 

Spring through fall – move over fellow drivers!  We soar through the seasons, windows down, cd’s playing loud, my singing off key – we are at one with the road.  All is well.  The Durango runs smoothly, I am all smiles.  Ahhh… Sunshine! 

  • The Durango is able to carry lots of things – groceries, furniture, storage, etc…  I am able to carry lots if things  – meetings, agendas, people, memories, family…

Well… there it is.  Crazy, insane, but it is what it is.  Have a great day! Stay warm!!!

November 30, 2007 Posted by | Insane Moments | 1 Comment