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Today I am thankful for… (This is My Thursday Thumbs Up)

bb1.jpgI have just completed Rob Bell’s book, ‘Velvet Elvis’ and I just want to say how thankful I am for good books!  I love to surround myself with a variety of good reads and this book hit the spot!  When I read a really good author I want to read more of what the author writes, or what the author is recommending as good reads.  This book provided a good map to both for me.

I love how he comes up with the book title… it is based off of an old velvet Elvis painting that is found in the basement.  From this he creates an entire book around this outdated, cheesy, painting. 

I can do that.

So I decide to look into our downstairs storage area for an abandoned painting turned authors treasure.  Among the holiday decorations, little used kitchen appliances, and wrapping paper for every occasion… I find it.  The print is a copy that belonged to my mom that I had long ago decided did not fit into my decorating style.  The painting is called, ‘Girl with a Broom’. 


With this title for my book do I write about cleaning up my act?  Being swept away by God?  Clearing out the dust bunnies of a previous life? 

I may be on to something there…

Anyway, I am off track.  The book… fantastic.  I enjoy Rob’s writing style and his fresh perspective on scripture.  I really like his chapter called Dust, but I also really liked the Nooma video called Dust too.  There is so much great knowledge in this book, I know it is a keeper that I will read again and again and pick up something different in it each time.

Great read!  (Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!)turk.gif


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