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Thanks and Giving…

I have really been tossing around the thought of Thanksgiving over the last week or so.  A lot of my Blogger friends are writing on what the holiday means to them, as well as  what they are thankful for – even the trials which hidden within are the things that build character, faith, and so much more.

I like to break it down into the two words that are actually – really great words. 



Thanks… what a beautiful word that means so much.  “Thanks” is what we are thankful for and no matter where you are in life, in Christ, everyday you do have things to be thankful for and to just say, “Thanks.”  Try it.. you could make someone’s day.

Giving… as simple as a kind word, hope, love, friendship, a listening ear, a loaf of bread.  Giving can be done at any level and it counts.  It really does.

Dearest Father,

I look around me and I have so much to be thankful for.  I am surrounded with family and friends who love me and Lord, I find that to be so humbling.  They each hold pieces of my heart.  I thank you for each day You give me to do your work.  I look forward to what the day will hold and how You will use me.  I am thankful for all You provide for my family, for two great sons, and a hard working husband.  Thank you always for enough – no matter what the circumstance, You provide enough. 

Lord, I ask for blessings over this country, over the world .  Lord bless our Soldiers who are away from their families during this time.  May they have the peace of You, and peace to the families here who have loved ones who are away.

I am so thankful in more ways than I can possible say.  You have provided all and to this I am eternally yours.  Your grace, Your love, words can not express….


November 20, 2007 - Posted by | Devotion in motion

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