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Monday Morning Mind Dump…

  • Chance and I played cribbage against Al last night and we won together! 
  • Happy Birthday Joelle!! : )
  • I am still revved up about last weeks Staff 4 Wheeling Team Building (See pictures 3 blogs below and be sure to have the music play while you watch for the whole effect)
  • I said an unusual amount of good byes this past week (The Toman’s, The Keller’s and the Holland’s….) That leaves me a bit emotionally exhausted.
  • Brett, our Children’s Church Pastor has great insight on what we are looking for our children to get out of Children’s Church. The BIG picture. Check out Brett’s Blog as he challenges each of us (even if you do not have children in children’s church) to share our thoughts on what we want these children to look like when they have grown beyond the Children’s Church ministry.
  • We prayed for Temple Baptist this past Sunday. See Pastor Mark’s Blog for pictures.
  • Our first Sunday Soup Kitchen event went off smoothly. Many volunteers showed up to serve and Pam’s ribs were incredible!
  • I am trying a new recipe for my Thanksgiving Turkey that involves Orange Juice and jalapeños… I am optimistic.
  • Having both boys at home this Thursday is the biggest blessing for me.
  • I can not believe we are 5 weeks out from Christmas. Where did 2007 go?
  • Al and I are planning to go to our Cabin this weekend on the North Shore. I haven’t been there for about 10 weeks so I am excited for the get away.
  • Brett and I completed the LONGEST PODCAST to date this morning. This is our third week. Check it out to hear Carl and Shannon Mills talk about the history of the Sports Ministry Team.
  • I started reading Velvet Elvis this weekend by Rob Bell. I am pretty sure this book will probably wind up being blogged on sometime soon.
  • Last night I watched a Mighty Heart, the movie about Mariane Pearl’s account of her husband the Wall Street Journal reporter, Danny Pearl’s, life and death.  Heart wrenching.  
  • I am rooting for our Spring Team Building exercise to be Paint Ball….

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